Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Apply on-line for CFB STELLAR Programs (including Imagine Fine Arts Academies, Spark STEM Academies, International Baccalaureate, & Discover Dual Language among others) at  Information about all STELLAR programs in CFB and application information can be found on the website.
No! Because the CFBISD community supported the district in the tax ratification election in 2016, the STELLAR programs are able to flourish in the upcoming school years.

We have multiple program options in CFB.  For a complete listing, see

A few highlights for our Elementary and Middle Schools include:

Spark STEM Academies will be located at Blanton Elementary, McLaughlin-Strickland Elementary, Freeman Elementary, Riverchase Elementary, and Rainwater Elementary.

Imagine Fine Arts Academies will be located at Blair Elementary, Country Place Elementary, Landry Elementary, and Kent Elementary.

Discover Dual Language Academies are located at McKamy Elementary, Stark Elementary, and Thompson Elementary.  Middle school locations include Field Middle School and Long Middle School.

International Baccalaureate Programmes are located at Good Elementary, Las Colinas Elementary, Bush Middle School, and Ranchview High School.

Career Based Academies and 32 Career and Technical certificates and licenses are offered at our comprehensive high schools.  

Early College High School at Brookhaven College allows students to earn an Associate’s Degree and a high school diploma at the same time.

No, you do not have to submit an application for the STELLAR program if the program of your choice is located at your neighborhood school. If you live outside of the attendance zone for the STELLAR program you are interested in, you will complete an application.
Transportation will not be provided to STELLAR programs from outside of the neighborhood attendance zone (with a few exceptions grandfathered under the current transportation plan). We will encourage meet and greets to help develop carpools with parents who may be interested in programs outside of the attendance zone.
Yes, you can! CFB allows open enrollment.  Fill out the program application at, and you will be contacted regarding next steps for out-of-district admissions.
The application is currently open for STELLAR programs in CFB for 2018-19. Application deadline is March 16, 2018. Parents will be notified regarding program admissions by Friday, April 20, 2018. On-going applications will be considered if space is available.
Our goal is to provide STELLAR programming to as many students as possible based on staffing and space available at the campus.

All students in CFB, K-12, participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,

Mathematics) education.  At all campuses, we will continue to integrate STEM experiences for students through classroom instruction, STEM curriculum, MakerSpaces, and digital learning.  The Board of Trustees has invested significantly in increasing access to digital learning for ALL students.

At the Spark STEM Academies, STEM instruction will be enriched.  Students will engage daily in STEM in the classroom and an additional specials rotation with emphasis on problem-solving, digital learning, animation, coding, and robotics over the child’s K-5 experience.  Additional clubs and after school activities connected to STEM will be offered.

CFB maintains a high commitment to fine arts education for all students as fine arts increases academic performance, builds athletic skills, and encourages creativity and innovation. All students in CFB will continue to have Fine Arts opportunities. At a traditional elementary school, students take Music, Art, and PE in a rotation. Students have the opportunity to participate in grade level performances at all elementary campuses. At Imagine Fine Arts Academies, students will have Music, Art, Theater, and Dance, as well as PE.

Additionally, Imagine Fine Arts Academies will provide eight performance ensembles per campus for participation by audition (such as steel drum, guitar, dance, Folklorico, etc.) as well as additional performance opportunities.

Elementary dance will explore many genres of dance such as creative movement, modern, ballet, jazz, folk and tap. Students will be introduced to basic movement skills and fundamental dance vocabulary. They will explore movement through improvisation as well as choreographed phrases of movement. Dance will also focus on, strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

Elementary theatre will introduce students to the basic components of theatre skills. Students will explore improvisation, narrative pantomime, characterization and storytelling. Students will be introduced to basic vocabulary and dramatic structure. Theatre will spark creativity, imagination, and expression.

At Dual Language Academies, we use a two-way dual language instruction model. Instruction is provided in English for half of the academic day, and instruction is provided in Spanish for the second half of the academic day. Native English speakers and Native Spanish speakers are in class together, learning from each other and building two languages. Students leave the program fluent in both languages. The program continues through middle and high school with the opportunity to earn college credit through Advanced Placement in middle (Field Middle School and Long Middle School) and high school (R. L. Turner High School).

CFB is one of 14 districts in the state of Texas that offers the full International Baccalaureate continuum from kindergarten through the senior year. The Programme begins with the Primary Years Programme at Good Elementary and Las Colinas Elementary, continues with the Middle Years Programme at Barbara Bush Middle School and Ranchview HIgh School, and concludes with the Diploma Programme at Ranchview High School.

In the PYP, students learn how to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own learning through an inquiry-led approach.

By developing the attributes of the IB learner profile, students also learn how to demonstrate respect for themselves and others, developing international-mindedness by working with others for a shared purpose and taking positive action for change.

IB gives students regular exposure in a second language to be more successful in a global society. IB builds understanding of what it means to be a citizen by doing action as service for others. Projects are cross-disciplinary and concept-based units related to our campuses and other IB schools around the world. The Learner Profile helps to develop character. Through MYP and Diploma Programme, there is a strong emphasis on research and writing in all classrooms.

STELLAR sites were selected based on several criteria including geography, building capacity, and feeder zones. The District wanted to ensure that children in all cities in our school district would have the proximity of a STELLAR program and that each of the four comprehensive high schools would have at least one Fine Arts and STEM program in its feeder pattern. Additionally, size and capacity of the campus were considerations as CFB wishes to grow these programs.
The launch of STELLAR programs in STEM and Fine Arts in 2018-19 is the first year of a comprehensive five year plan to increase choice programming in CFB. Building on our long tradition of excellent choice programming offered through our high school Academies, Early College High School, Dual Language, and International Baccalaureate programming, we are launching Fine Arts Academies and STEM Academies in 2018-19. In 2019-20, additional programming will be unveiled. By 2020-2021, all elementary and middle schools will have additional signature programming as choice options for families in CFB.
CFB used several pieces of data to determine the programs for STELLAR: market data for forecasted future career opportunities in the DFW metroplex, research related to increased academic performance, parent surveys on areas of interest, student surveys on areas of interest, and principal feedback.

Half-Day PreK will be offered at:

Carrollton Elementary
Students from Carrollton, Blanton and McCoy

Farmers Branch Elementary
Students from Farmers Branch

R. E. Good Elementary
Students from Good, Thompson and Country Place

Charlie McKamy Elementary
Students from McKamy, Rainwater and Rosemeade

Janie Stark Elementary
Students from Stark, Blair, McLaughlin/Strickland, Freeman (Bilingual only), Landry (Bilingual only), La Villita (Bilingual only), Las Colinas (Bilingual only), Riverchase (Bilingual only)

Full-Day PreK will be offered at:

Central Elementary
Students from Central Elementary

Freeman Elementary
Students from Freeman and Las Colinas
Students from Freeman qualifying for the Bilingual Program will attend Pre-K at Janie Stark Elementary

Furneaux Elementary
Students from Furneaux and Sheffield

E. L. Kent Elementary
Students from Kent and Davis

Kathryn S. McWhorter Elementary
Students from McWhorter

Riverchase Elementary
Students from Riverchase, Landry and La Villita
Students from Riverchase qualifying for the Bilingual Program will attend Pre-K at Janie Stark Elementary

If you have any questions about pre-kindergarten placement, please call 972-968-6500.

Yes, CFB launched a pilot full day PreK program this year for parents to have the best choice for Early Childhood with highly qualified and certified teachers, low class size ratios, and access to digital learning and high quality curriculum.  If your child does not meet the eligibility requirements established by the state for state-funded PreK, CFB does offer pay-for Pre-K for both half and full day PreK at the sites listed above at a competitive price.  See for application.

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